Hold My Hand

Hold out your hand and take mine in yours. Let us walk together through life's doors. Hold out your hand and offer your wisdom to me. Put me on a path to discover who I can be. Hold out your hand for I am growing fast. Before your eyes these small hands will be a memory of the past. As I grow I will always remember when you helped me to stand. And I will always remember that you held out your hand. - Wendy Silva

I love capturing the essence of childhood and those beautiful smiles and laughs. Add in a touch of the old days and I am in heaven! Cherish the younger years, when your children look to you first before going on their way. Cherish the dirt and sticky fingers. These days go too fast but for a moment, you can freeze time.

If thinking about a session with me, please email me at juliegockmanphotography@gmail.com I am happy to answer any questions you may have. It is best to book your session with me about 4 weeks in advance (sooner if you’re interested in a newborn session) as I can’t guarantee openings!! NOW booking 2020! 

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